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Who would I like to meet


Everyone at least wants to meet 10 people and ask them a question. These are the 10 people I would like to meet.

  1. Si Robinson, how many donuts have you had in one day?
  2. Elvis, how long did it take to fix your hair every day?
  3. Lady Ga Ga, do you decide what you wear?
  4. Moses, did you feel like running when you saw the burning bush?
  5. Jesus, do you ever feel any pain?
  6. Abraham Lincoln, Did you have fun being the president?
  7. Noah, did you get sea sick onĀ boat?
  8. Tom Kenny,is it hard to do spongebob voice?
  9. Michael Jackson, Have you ever made your own song?
  10. 50 Greats Grandma, how many kids do you have?


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